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You have come the right place if you are. Move Up's objective is to make travel easy by clarifying what visa applications entail. There are several visa companies out there that can help and there are some companies that only claim that they can. Move Up offers industry leading solutions.

UK Visas Explained

For information about visa options that South Africans can apply for, take a look at this UK visa page.

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In only 4 quick questions, this free online assessment is designed to help confirm if you do indeed qualify for a British passport.

United Kingdom Travel Solutions

Welcome fellow travellers. 2014 brings us a new year with new opportunity.

This Move Up webpage is designed to help applicants in South Africa in getting into the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England). There are two broad types of travellers that come to this page.

The first relates to South African nationals (those that hold South African passports). For these travellers our intent is to resolve their UK visa needs. To help speed up the process in identifying which visa best suits their needs, we have put together a quick free online questionnaire (only asks 4 questions).

The second relates to British nationals (those who either hold dual nationality or just a British passport). For these travellers our intent is to help resolve their British passport needs. This includes both first time and renewal applications.

Travellers will find that we are able to solve all types of UK visas. Birth rights, marriage rights, visitor visas, transit visas, student visas and most importantly point based visas.

Just a reminder to our gap year students that the days of the 2 year Working Holiday Maker are gone. So is the Highly Skilled Migrant Program which catered for degree holders and higher earners.

The current legislation in place offers opportunities for South Africans investors or entrepreneurs willing to invest in the UK. There are also opportunities for those looking to participate in unpaid charity work.

We encourage all interested travellers to contact us for more information.

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