Move Up’s Pre-Quarantine Update

Before South Africa enters its lockdown period (27 March – 16 April), we’d like to help manage our clients’ expectations by setting out what to expect at this time. Move Up staff members will be working remotely: all our team members are accessible via email.

During this interim period our team will strive to maintain an 8-working hour response rate (slightly delayed from our standard 6-working hour email response time). Our operating hours will be reduced to 2-hours per day (weekdays 9am – 11am). This basis will be monitored and adjusted according to demand.

Our phone lines will remain open and we are able to assist clients in preparing new (and existing) cases.

In term of our dealings with the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration department (UKVI), all UK visa application centres will be closed during the lockdown. This means that any current or new cases that need to be submitted will have to wait until the lockdown is lifted.

UKVI in Sheffield, UK, remains operational and we are waiting for confirmation if the Pretoria team are going to have remote access to existing cases. This means that settlement and work permit applications continue to be processed during this time, in spite of the UK also entering its own quarantine period.

We have received confirmation that our courier will remain operational during this time. With this service in place, in theory, British passport applications can still be lodged from Move Up during the national quarantine period. Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) has also begun accepting copies of applicants’ birth records for processing, therefore it is possible to bypass the normal step of couriering original documents to the UK during this time.

We will need to further test this theory, however, once shutdown has been implemented.

From this response, please be encouraged that Move Up remains operational and will continue to constantly keep an eye on this evolving season and keep you informed to the best of our ability.

We wish you well during this challenging time and would like to thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Ryan Rennison, Director of Move Up

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