Jason Trudgian
Senior Immigration Specialist


Jason also joined the same immigration firm that Ryan Rennison was initially trained at in 2008. Prior to that, Jason had a stint of UK work experience. Jason has British parents and is a fortunate British passport holder.

Ten years later, Jason joined Move Up with many years of casework experience.

Jason handles complex cases here at Move Up. Bringing a diverse range of input in cases such as British nationality through double descent, technical Settlement and even Indefinite Leave to Enter cases. 

Hi Jason,

Thank you very much for your support and guidance throughout the application. We are really happy with the service from start to finish, even the few phone calls before we appointed you were really helpful improving our understanding of the process and giving us confidence in your ability to assist. Without a doubt your guidance allowed us to submit a much more robust application than we have submitted independently by trying to interpret the information requirements ourselves. You have also taken a lot of the stress out of the process too!

Thanks again and best regards

Paul Klimczak


When Jason is not scoring successful outcomes at Move Up, you can find him on the sports field. Jason has been a Tramway Football Club member since 1989 (when he was 8 years old).

Jason is also a family man. Proud husband and father to a beautiful daughter.

Ryan Rennison

Founder and sole Director of Move Up.

Ryan’s passion for UK Visas and helping South Africans navigate the British governments’ hurdles resides here.

Move Up was created in 2010 to service fellow South Africans and ultimately to reduce risk in the UK travel process.

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Linda Cottrell

Joined Move Up in 2015. A specialist in UK birthrights, Linda handles all Ancestry and British nationality claims on Move Up’s behalf.

Linda’s reviews speak for themselves. Linda provides one of the strongest forms of support and has proven herself beyond the need to.

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Melanie Langwood

The most recent team member, Melanie brings specialist solutions to Move Up’s corporate and leisure based clients.

Melanie youth brings speed to our improving systems. We are very excited to see what the future has installed for Melanie.

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Sarah Rennison

The voice of reason behind Move Up (Ryan’s wife). Sarah also handles back-end book keeping services.

Sarah previously held Jason’s Settlement specialist position and provides adhoc administration support when demand dictates.

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