Sarah Rennison
Book Keeper and Admin Support


They say that behind every successful man is a supportive woman.

Sarah is married to her boss and left her creative career to support her husbands dream. 

She joined Move Up in 2013 and fell in love with the immigration industry. It exposed Sarah to corporate dealings and a level of client interaction that she didn’t know she would enjoy.

Sarah stood by Ryan Rennison (husband) as he brought on board new team members, building a strong team of solution driven consultants.

In 2018, when Jason Trudgian joined, Sarah stepped down as a immigration specialist. Having given 5 strong years of great customer support.

Today, Sarah still operates in the background, working as a book keeper and temporary consultant that can step in during periods of high demand. 


Having studied fashion design, Sarah is now pursuing her own brand development.

Sarah is in the process of creating “” brand.

Ryan Rennison

Founder and sole Director of Move Up.

Ryan’s passion for UK Visas and helping South Africans navigate the British governments hurdles resides here.

Move Up was created in 2010 to service fellow South Africans and ultimately to reduce risk in the UK travel process.

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Jason Trudigan

Move Up’s in house specialist, Jason alone has serviced the South African market for over 10 years.

Jason deals with Settlement, Point Based and British nationality claims. Jason is a great asset to the Move Up team.

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Linda Cottrell

Joined Move Up in 2016. A specialist in UK birth rights, Linda handles all Ancestry and British nationality claims on Move Up’s behalf.

Linda’s reviews speak for themselves. Linda provides one of the strongest forms of support and has proven herself beyond the need to.

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Melanie Langwood

The most recent team member, Melanie brings specialist solutions to Move Up’s corporate and leisure based clients.

Melanie youth brings speed to our improving systems. We are very excited to see what the future has install for Melanie.

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