This applies to South Africans looking to join a British passport holder as either a married or unmarried partner.

Is there an easier way for South Africans to experience the UK settlement Visa application?

This is our driving question.

This form has been designed to help South Africans get quick information about the common Visa hurdles that exist.

We are operating on the following assumptions:

  • One adult holds a British passport.
  • Another adult holds a South African passport.
  • The above two adults are in a relationship.
  • The South African passport holder does not have UK born parent or grandparents.

Next, we need to find out how many kids are involved and of those kids, how many are joining. We also need to factor in the nature of employment that the adults maintain. 

From there we can preliminary conclusions.

The purpose of this form serves to quickly address key qualifying requirements. We are looking to get the quickest and easiest result without going into all the details of the whole application.

Based on our experience, this is the best way to conduct an initial (free) assessment.