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Unabridged Birth Certificates No Longer Issued

Effective 1 December 2016, South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs (DHA) no longer issues Unabridged (or Abridged) birth certificates. The DHA now only issues one type of birth certificate known as a “full” birth record. This new birth certificate offering serves to eliminate the backlog of duplicate requests for birth certificates. Birth registrations in South […]

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Past Developments of UK Immigration (From a South African perspective).

o help give context to my subjective opinions relating to UK immigration legislation and how it impacts fellow South African passport holders in 2016, it is best to take past developments into consideration. This helps understand the motivations that serve as a driving force behind the changes taking place. David Cameron, from my perspective, is […]

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Move Ups’ February 2015 Summary on UK Visas

Given that we are already half way through February, this year seems to be getting off to a busy start. We are nearly ready to roll out phase 1 of our business improvement plan (running a bit behind schedule but excited nonetheless). Over the past few months, the UK government (and its politicians) have announced […]