putting skill into skilled worker visas

Welcome to MoveUp’s Skill Assessment Services, a suite of comprehensive solutions designed to support your journey towards securing a job in the UK. In the competitive UK job market, understanding where you stand and how to best present your skills and experience is crucial. We’re here to guide you through this process, offering personalized solutions to help you gain a competitive edge.

Our services exist to bridge the gap between your career aspirations and the realities of UK employment opportunities. We understand that the process of seeking employment in a foreign country can be daunting, especially when trying to understand how your qualifications and experiences align with a different set of standards and expectations. That’s where we come in.

Through our Certifying Skill Recognition service, we help you understand how your skills and qualifications align with the UK’s National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and the UK’s Skill Occupation Code (SOC). This provides a strong foundation for your job search.

We also understand the importance of standing out to potential employers. Our Employer Introduction Service includes a professionally facilitated and recorded interview, which we present directly to UK employers and licensed sponsors. This helps you make a dynamic and memorable impression.

Finally, we know that your needs can change as you progress through your job-seeking journey. That’s why we offer our Top Up Service, allowing you to upgrade from the Certifying Skill Recognition service to the full Employer Introduction Service whenever you’re ready.

Whether you’re just starting your UK job search or you’re deep into the process, our Skill Assessment Services are designed to empower you and propel you forward. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities and maximize your potential in the UK job market.