get your status traced

At Move Up, we understand the importance of understanding your eligibility for British nationality or the Right of Abode before proceeding with any immigration application. That’s why we offer a free status trace as part of our free assessment service.

Our status trace service is designed to help you understand your eligibility and what documents you may need to provide. We will review your family history and immigration records to determine your connection to the UK and your eligibility for British nationality or the Right of Abode.

Our assessment process is two-fold, first we conduct a theoretical assessment to determine if you qualify for the status you are applying for based on the immigration rules and requirements. Then, we conduct a practical assessment where we ask to see the key qualifying documents you have on hand. This allows us to verify the merits of the case and ensure that you have a good chance of success.

We believe that a transparent, honest and ethical approach is the key to our success. That’s why we will only offer representation in a case after we have seen the merits of the case. And we guarantee a successful first-time submission.

Don’t know if you qualify for British nationality or the Right of Abode? Contact us today to schedule a free assessment and status trace with one of our experts.

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