This page has been put together for those looking to renew their British passport (within 5 years from its expiry).

In the past 15 years, the UK government has improved their data capturing methods and are able to quickly resolve your passport eligibility. This means that if your passport was issued 15 years ago, less emphasis is placed on your eligibility (compared to passports awarded more than 15 years ago).

British Passport Recent Renewal of Adult passport


Case A1 applies to adult applicants that currently have valid British passports (or British passports that have expired in the past 12 months).

In our experience, the more recent the validity of your passport, the less the UK government are concerned with your qualifying criteria. With this in mind, our agency case fees are the most cost-effective in these simpler cases.

Applicants can email: or call us on +27(0)21 7614608 or even send an online query (below).

Time Consuming Factor

Proactively, in A1 cases, the only time-consuming document that needs to be worried about is that applicants need to be able to hand in their existing (or most recent) British passport. If applicants do not have this on hand, it could present delay in the new British passports issue.

Marriage certificates can present a time lag if the applicant is looking to change their surname.

Her Majesties Passport Office insists upon Unabridged marriage certificates in the event of a surname change. Having the Unabridged marriage certificate on hand dictates the timing and feasibility in the application.

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