The purpose of this page is to clarify the purpose of UK visitor visas.

We have also put together content about how leisure visitor visas function (tourism explained) as well as how business visitor visas work (business visitor visa explained).

If you would like to find out more about UK visa basics of understanding, we have put the content together to answer the following questions:

Getting back to the purpose of this page, the UK government have made visitor visas available to South African passport holders. This visitor visa system serves to grant South Africans temporary permission to be in the UK.

Further details regarding the permitted activities can be found on either the tourism visa explained page or the business visitor visa explained page.

Attached below is a list of the unique visas that the British government have made available. What you will note is that (UK Immigration Authority of South Africa) has standardised the British governments visa offerings. Standardising the visa system enables us to accurately identify each visa available.

When it comes to visiting the UK, the following options apply:


If you are still not sure which UK visa best applies to your case, we have put together a quick, easy and free visa assessment here.

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