The purpose of this page is to clarify the purpose of UK visitor visas.

We have also put together content about how leisure visitor visas function (tourism explained) as well as how business visitor visas work (business visitor visa explained).

The purpose of this page, the UK government have made visitor visas available to South African passport holders. This visitor visa system serves to grant South Africans temporary permission to be in the UK.

Further details regarding the permitted activities can be found on either the tourism visa explained page or the business visitor visa explained page.

When it comes to visiting the UK, the following options apply:


If you are still not sure which UK visa best applies to your case, we have put together a quick, easy and free visa assessment here.

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One of the greatest experiences of living abroad is the sense of national pride that is developed.

There is something about being abroad and representing the country of your birth.

We believe that South African gees develops quickest when you are out of your home country.

Our dream is to unite South Africans whilst they are overseas. To provide support in their tough times and celebrate their progress. We want to be SA’s international enablers.

International experience broadens the mind, sharpens the skill sets and enables better international trade.

This is not a one-way ticket. It is only the beginning of many tickets.


Starting off, we offer a free assessment.

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