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This page caters for applicants that were born outside of the UK and they have a UK born great grandparent.

The applicant would be defined, from an immigration perspective, as 4 generations apart. The case can be viewed a the grandparent of the applicants parent and not the grandparent of the applicant (of course).

Our intent is to help reveal the rules are available to applicants in South Africa (assuming the applicant has a valid South African passport).

In these cases, the applicant does not qualify for neither the UK Ancestry visa or a British passport.

The UK government has put together a set of immigration and nationality legislation (to govern how British citizenship is passed down). What we find though is that UK birth rights and British citizenship is passed down a maximum of 3 generations. British citizenship is usually passed down 2 generations and UK Ancestry working rights are granted to the third generation of UK born relatives.

On a daily basis Move Up receives phones calls of applicants asking “if I have a UK born great grandparent, can I qualify?” to which our consultants conclude that

This content serves to help clarify the common technicalities we experience in this industry. We are going to address the eligibility for British nationality, thereafter, we will address the types of British nationality (and its consequences). Then, as usual, we will close off with some solutions available to these cases.

Eligibility for British Nationality

Having a UK born great grandparent does not entitle the applicant to any UK birth rights. There is no provision for UK Ancestry working rights and British nationality is passed down a maximum of 3 generations.

This means that having a UK born great grandparent means that there is no provision available to qualify to live and work in the UK.

Naturally, applicants don’t like taking “no” as an answer and they also ask “but what if my parent claims the Ancestry working visa (because they have a UK born grandparent), would I qualify then?”

In the event that the applicants’ parent claims Ancestry working rights, the applicant (assuming that they are adults – over the age of 18 years) is not permitted to claim dependency on their parents Ancestry visa. This means that even if the applicants parent claims Ancestry working rights, it does not benefit the applicant.

Therefore it can be concluded that having a UK born great grandparent offers no UK immigration benefit (unfortunately).

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Solutions Available

In these cases, where applicants have a UK born great grandparent, applicants need to qualify independently (outside of birth rights). To do so, they need to qualify under the UK’s point based visa system.