Move Up’s UKG Application

For the past year, the UK government has had to make right a discriminating error with one of their past systems.

The theory is that the UK government used to offer UK birth rights to non-EU nationals, if their was a direct male linage of 2 generations.

In simpler terms, if a South African born applicant (male or female) had a biological father (of ligitimate heritage – ie married parents) – who also not born in the UK – and the applicants paternal grandfather (fathers father) was UK born, the applicant was permitted to register their birth with the British embassy in South Africa.

Having your foreign birth registered with British government entitled applicants to then claim British nationality (and get a British passport).

Where the discrimination occured though, was this offering was not available to applicants that have maternal ties to the UK. So in cases where the applicants mother had a UK born father, this ability to register applicants birth as British was not permitted.

Hence, the UK government has made this offering available. To rectify their errors of discrimination.

The qualifying criteria.

To qualify, the applicant has to be able to meet the following conditions:

    • Applicant needs to be born in South Africa (to our understanding).
    • Applicant needs to be born between 1962 (begining of 1962) and 1983 (end of 1982).
    • Applicants parents needed to have been married (either before or after applicants birth – marriage certificate needed though).
    • Applicants mother needs to not be born in the United Kingdom (in this specific case).
    • Applicants maternal grandfather needs to be born in the UK.

Documents needed.

At Move Up, we like to make sure we operate in the clients best interest. Rather than say: “you qualify, now pay us, oh wait, you don’t have the needed documents, lets wait for indefinitely until its resolved”.

We prefer to have the following conversation: “you qualify, get these time consuming documents, then send it to us for a free check, then pay us, then lets apply”.

    • Applicants vault copy of SA birth certificate (Unabridged not recognized).
    • Applicants mothers vault copy of SA birth certificate (ideally – Unabridged has been known to be accepted).
    • Applicants parents marriage certificate (Unabridged accepted).

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