The concept of being a big fish in a small pond comes to mind as South Africans look to further their careers in a first world economy. We find that South Africans tend to consider the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) as their first destination of choice. Similar time zone, shorter traveling distance (allowing for easier visits home) and the great South African support available there (talk about gees – nothing makes you more proud of being a South African than when you are abroad).

Let’s be honest though, the real draw card for the UK, is the idea of being paid at a much higher exchange rate (at much more competitive rate).

We get it. There is no need to question “why?” – rather, the question we have to ask is “how?”.

What happens (daily) is applicants who are open to the idea of going to the UK are faced with a frequent dilemma. What to do first? Get a job or get a visa?

We recommend prioritizing their visa needs first. Too often we get applicants saying “just received a UK job offer, subject to having independent working rights, can they get a work permit/ visa now with the job offer?” to which our answer, after assessing the applicants eligibility, is most commonly “no”.

For further explanation of this, we have put together the following content:

As the above content will confirm, unfortunately getting a job offer alone is not good enough to qualify to live and work in the UK. Actually getting the job offer is the easy part. It’s getting the right visa that’s a challenge.

Basic understanding

To make sure we are on the same page, we have created a page called “do I need a visa?” to help explain that a visa is needed for South Africas if they wish to live and work (or study) in the UK. We have even taken the liberty to take the explanation process a step further and we created a page “how UK visas works?”. This serves to help clarify the purpose of visas (what they actually do).

We haven’t stopped there. For those still not confident in their understanding of international travels, we have taken the liberty to explain the difference between “visa vs passport”.

Yes. Our ability to relate and handle these applications helps to makes us South Africas favourite visa consultancy. Move Up is here to make the travel process easy.

More complex understanding

If you are a South African national (ie a South African passport holder) – without any other nationality (passports issued from other countries), and you want to live and work in the UK, this page has been created for you.

The objective, now that we acknowledge your intent to live and work in the UK, is to determine which UK visa you qualify for. Knowing the visa you need is the next challenge.

There are 4 categories of UK visas that grant permission to work in the UK (available to South Africans that is):

    1. Birth Rights
    2. Marriage Rights
    3. Point Based Work Permits
    4. Non-Point Based Work Permits

Further details show below:

To help speed up the decision making process, we have put together a quick, easy and free online visa assessment, to help identify options available to applicants looking to go the UK.

Please click here to complete our free online visa assessment.

If you have any further questions relating to your visa options, please be encouraged to contact us.