How South Africans Can Join The British Army?


Currently South Africans are still able to get a 6 month visitor visa, fly to the UK, attend fitness trial and interviews, thereafter (if accepted) they are awarded both a HMAF employment contract together with an exemption stamp in their SA passports (allowing them permission to live and work in the UK).

At present, the opportunities to join HMAF are a lot more restrictive.

With the end of the War in Afghanistan (2001-14), the United Kingdom’s defense budget has began decreasing. Move Up witnessed a surge of South Africans gaining visa sponsorship from HMAF between 2010 and 2012.

To find out more information, please take a look at the Army.Mod page. Getting in contact directly with HMAF is highly recommended.

Move Up serves to address the UK visa dealings and we do not facilitate introductions to HMAF.


South Africans looking for the opportunity to gain first world Army experience can consider joining the Her Majesties Army.

This opportunity caters for gap year students looking for UK experience. It not only offers training, skills development but also further education programs. Even better, after applicants serve their time (after 6 years), South Africans can qualify for a British passport (and become dual nationals).

South Africans that get accepted to join HMAF can bring South African family dependents (married like partner and minor dependents) to live and work in the UK with them.


For South Africans to qualify, the main applicant first has to go over to the UK (as a General Visitor) to attend a trial. This includes assessing physical and mental ability to perform.

What we recommend, based on having helped other South Africans pursue this in the past, is that the main applicant first lodges a General Visitor visa. Once the visa is awarded, the main applicant can pass through Border Control and then once in the UK, the main applicant can register on HM Army website.


On average it takes between 10 to 15 working days to get the visa approved once submitted with Teleperformance.

Factors that delay any visa application relates to criminal convictions where more than 6 months have been spent in prison and if visa applications had been previously refused.


If you found the above information helpful, just imagine having a company that walks your through each step of the visa application, one step at a time.

Move Up operate on a full refund guarantee, that in the unlikely event of not being awarded your visa first time round, their case fee will be refunded in full.

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