Replacing the 2 year Working Holiday visa, this Tier 5 category of the UK’s point based visa system, now specifies new qualifying criteria for non-EU citizens.

Unfortunately South Africans currently do not qualify for this particular Tier 5 category.

The SA government does not have a reciprocal agreement with the UK government. The previous reciprocal agreement stipulated that British students were permitted to take a gap year (or two) to live and work in South Africa, in exchange South African students were granted the same opportunity.

The SA government is naturally more worried about national work opportunity than it is with international work opportunities and therefore having an agreement is not a priority for them.

Youth Mobility Scheme

If you are one of those few South Africans who have dual nationality with other countries, possibly this visa could be for you.

At the moment, the following nationals are eligible to apply for the UK’s Tier 5 category:

– Australia
– New Zealand
– Japan
– Monaco
– Canada

The Tier 5 visa offers the opportunity for applicants to work in the UK for a period of 2 years.

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