The UK’s point based visa system caters for South Africans that do not have birth or marriage ties to the UK.

Tier 1 category of the visa system is known as the “highly valued” immigrants. Those who have qualities that will positively impact the UK’s economy (quickly).

This Tier 1 category has evolved from the previous “highly skilled” point based system – previously known as the Highly Skilled Migrant Program / Tier 1 General visa – which no longer is available to South Africans – effective December 2010.

There are currently three provisions available under these Tier 1 cases:

    1. Tier 1 Investors
    2. Tier 1 Entrepreneurs
    3. Tier 1 Exceptionally Talented

Tier 1 Investors

This particular visa makes provision for applicants with access to a minimum of £2 000 000 (that’s right, two million Pounds) cash savings. South Africans with liquidity of this this amount can qualify to earn British nationality (and get a British passport). The only complication is that the above said cash savings have to be transferred to a UK bank account (and held there for a minimum of 6 years).

It is a beautiful opportunities for those South Africans (with cash) looking at getting British citizenship (and don’t have birth or marriage ties to the UK).

Tier 1 Entrepreneurs

Catering for South African entrepreneurs, who are ready to take their accumulated entrepreneur skill set and take on the next big pond (a first world market place). The minimum buy-in (to qualify for this visa category) is £200 000 (two hundred thousand Pounds) cash savings. More affordable for South Africans (when compared to the above £2 000 000 requirement for Investors).

When interested entrepreneurs contact us, their concerns primarily related to drafting required recognized business plans (which is a qualifying factor but not a concern from our perspective – we easily address and evidence this aspect of visa applications). Our concern relates to the access of cash savings. It has to reflect in the applicants personal capacity (for a less risk approach). If you are looking at buying a franchise in the UK or growing your existing business model to enter a new market or if you are looking to quietly (or passively) participate in an existing UK business, we have solutions available.

Tier 1 Exceptionally Talented

This particular provision asks the question:

Are you a leader (or potential leader) in your field of studies?

More importantly, are you recognized as a leader? Are you able to get Professors or Regulators to acknowledge you? To qualify for this visa, applicants have to first be accredited by UK assessors. They need to confirm that you have potential to contribute greatly to Science, Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine and Digital Technology.