First Time British Passport (Applicant born before 1983 – Mother born in the UK)


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This service is available to applicants in South Africa. Specifically adults (over the age of 16 years at the time of submission).

Specifics of the first British Passport application.

gift Introducing the solution to British Passport Renewal (Adult) with valid passports:
Caters for British nationals (or dual nationals of British and SA) in South Africa. More specifically, above the age of 16 years old at the time of submission, that have valid British passports (which are about to expire). Our solution is here to help make the process quick and efficient.

calendar-1-2 Duration of passport:
The British Passport Renewal (Valid) Adult is set for a 10 year period. Fixed start date and end.

shapes Settlement rights:
British passports grant the “right of abode”. This simply means that holders of British passports have the right to abide/abode (to live) in the United Kingdom.

user Family Dependents:
Permitted. Immediate family members (married like partner and minors) are permitted to join the main applicant. In cases of dependents, the applicants will need to consider settlement visas.

stopwatch-1 Processing Times:
4 weeks. From the date of arrival in the UK, applicants experience an average of a 3 to 6 week processing time.

justice Common Reason for Rejection:
Most of these cases are rejected because they are incorrectly presented. The British government (Her Majesties Passport Office) has also changed and updated their supporting documentation expectations. This is a common misunderstanding experienced in these cases.

settings-6    Whole Process:
Getting a British passport renewed, before the current one expires, simply means that the British national keeps their passport validity in check and affords the applicant the opportunity to travel freely (at a moments notice).

At this point it is important to note that Move Up offers a variety of UK passport solutions. Including child renewals, past renewal submissions, first time applications and lost or stolen passport solutions. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact us.