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UK Settlement (Shared Biological Minor) Visa (Live) Category CC

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This product caters for minors (below the age of 18 years old at the time of submission) that are South African nationals/ passport holders (in South Africa) looking to join both their parents in relocating to the UK (with one parent being a British passport holder). Further information can be found on our family dependency page.

Please note: This does not make provision for minors only travelling with one biological parent. Please take a look at our UK Settlement (Step Minor Dependent) page for cases where the minor only travels with one biological parent.


gift Introducing the UK Settlement (unmarried dependent) visa:
This caters for minors (South Africans below the age of 18 years old) that relocating to the UK with both their parents. In this case, at least of of the minors biological parent needs to hold British nationality.

calendar-1-2 Duration of visa:
The Settlement visa is issued for a set duration of 33 months (two and a half years). This duration is a set start date and a set end date.

shapes Settlement rights:
Granted. This Settlement visa grants settlement rights. Time spent in the UK therefore counts toward earning British nationality (and gives teh applicant an opportunity to get a British passport).

user Family Dependents:
Permitted. Immediate family members (minors) are permitted to join the main applicant (or British national).

stopwatch-1 Processing Times:
3 months. From the date of submission, applicants experience an average of 60 working day processing times. There are means to speed this processing time (at additional cost).

justice Common Reason for Refusal:
Most of these cases are refused on the basis that the applicant has not presented sufficient evidence to meet the financial requirement. The UK financial requirement is the common reason for refusal in these cases.

settings-6    Whole Process:
Once South Africans are awarded entry clearance (permission to enter in the UK), they can apply for unlimited amount of visa extensions. After 5 years of continued UK residence, they can apply for permanent resident status. After 6 continuous years of UK residence, they can apply for British nationality through residence.

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