Melanie Langwood
Leisure and Corporate Visa Specialist


Melanie comes from a strong management background. Having work for her previous employer for 18 years.

Melanie provides dedicated support to Move Up’s corporate and leisure visa clients.

Melanie is also responsible for testing and implementing Move Up’s new visa based software. This software is undergoing constant improvements and Melanie serves to make sure the functionality is both reliable and consistent.

Dear Melanie

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your superb service and dealing with me every second day😁😊

I received my visa for the UK today.

I will recommend you and move up to anyone that I know or ever ask about a visa.

I am leaving tomorrow night to be with my love…..

I will keep in touch with you and just you😁😊😁😊 for my next visa….maybe a fiance visa😁, time will tell….

Kindest regards

Desire Deidericks


When Melanie is not helping Move Up clients, she dreams of when her next trip abroad will be.

Melanie’s passion for travel has recently exposed her to London’s tourist lights.

When Melaine is not travelling, she is often found appreciating Hollywoods TV series or cinematic entertainment. 

If not movies, Melanie is known as a passionate Springbok supporter.

Ryan Rennison

Founder and sole Director of Move Up.

Ryan’s passion for UK Visas and helping South Africans navigate the British governments hurdles resides here.

Move Up was created in 2010 to service fellow South Africans and ultimately to reduce risk in the UK travel process.

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Jason Trudigan

Move Up’s in house specialist, Jason alone has serviced the South African market for over 10 years.

Jason deals with Settlement, Point Based and British nationality claims. Jason is a great asset to the Move Up team.

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Linda Cottrell

Joined Move Up in 2016. A specialist in UK birth rights, Linda handles all Ancestry and British nationality claims on Move Up’s behalf.

Linda’s reviews speak for themselves. Linda provides one of the strongest forms of support and has proven herself beyond the need to.

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Sarah Rennison

The voice of reason behind Move Up (Ryan’s wife). Sarah also handles back-end book keeping services.

Sarah previously held Jason’s Settlement specialist position and provides adhoc administration support when demand dictates.

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