About Us

Operating as an Immigration Consultancy, Move Up offers the needed “Know How” when it comes to lodging successful visa applications. The key to our success is limiting the grounds of dismissal by using expertise knowledge gained from experience.

Move Up opened its doors in 2010. Taking UK Immigration expertise, gained for UK based organisations, Move Up set its goal to provide a South African based firm, serving South Africans with relevant solutions to pass through the UK border.

Solution Driven Consultancy
Niels Henrik David Bohr, 1885 – 1962, was a Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum mechanics. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics, in 1922. One of his most famous quotes:

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made in a very narrow field”

Applying this definition of “expert”: Move Up proudly offers expert UK visa solutions to the South African public.


Move Up takes the UK’s constantly changing immigration legislation into consideration. Saving applicants the time needed to research, interpret, understand and assume what the legislation requires.

Move Up has years of experience in dealing with Pretoria’s team of Entry Clearance Officials. This experience gives us invaluable insight and understanding.

With the above knowledge and expertise in mind, Move Up’s challenge now is to make the process easier for South Africans.

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How to Apply?

Move Up started operating independently in 2010. Started by a South African in South Africa who lived and worked in the UK for a period. Trained by a UK company in terms of UK immigration legislation, Ryan Rennison founded Move Up as a means to do things better.

Move Up has adopted an initial approach to the immigration industry as a specialized consultancy. Our intent is to one-day offer South Africans a global solution when it comes to solving travel needs.

We look forward to providing more solutions in the future. Plans about diversification in our product offerings have already been put into motion and Move Up has begun also providing British passport application assistance.

To address your visa or passport needs, please contact us or alternatively try our free online assessment.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK WELCOME (Compliments or Complaints)

As a private service provider, we value and encourage your feedback. Please download and complete our customer feedback form. Once completed, you are encouraged to scan and email or fax through your feedback. We even have customers taking photos of the completed form and emailing that through.

Your feedback will help us improve.

If you have any immigration questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us


Move Up are proud members of the British Chambers of Business for Southern Africa. This membership serves as confirmation that Move Up is not only committed to helping South Africans gain entry clearance but rather that Move Up is committed to helping South Africans do business with the UK.

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