“Who is this Move Up company and why are they all over the internet talking about UK visas for South Africans?”

I get it. First-time readers that come to our site often have never heard of Move Up before and what we do.

This About Us page will hopefully clarify who we are and what we do.

First and foremost, it is important to note that we are not a fly by night operation. Founded in 2010, we have been around and seen it all.

The founder of this platform is Ryan Rennison. In 2008, Ryan was trained by an internationally established firm, who introduced him to this consumer need of UK visa expertise.

Ryan fell in love with being able to provide a service that adds value to other peoples lives.

Interestingly, the visas he initially specialised in no longer exist. The Highly Skilled Migrant program, the old work permit system (before point based visas were introduced) and the 2-year Working Holiday Maker are now gone.

The above graph shows our track record in terms of the number of cases we have represented over the last 9 years.

Of the above cases, in 2018 specifically, where Move Up represented just under 1000 cases. Of those cases, Move Up maintained a 97% success rate.


What makes Move Up different to any other visa company?

These are aspects of our service delivery that we are proud of:

  • Move Up strives to maintain a 6 working hour response time to the last email sent. Our team members actually average 2 working hours to respond. That means we are quick.
  • Move Up offers a full refund on its case fee (no hidden administration costs *competitors take note*). If the visa is not awarded first time around, and its an error on Move Up’s side, the Move Up case fee is refunded in full. We are quick to accept responsibility for errors that might come up (and also quick to learn from them).
  • As previously mentioned above, a 97% success rate is maintained. The key to our success, we don’t offer representation in cases where applicants do not qualify.
  • Move Up offers free visa assessments. We don’t believe it is ethical to charge someone and say “you don’t qualify right now but in the future, you might”.
  • Move Up publicly lists its case fees. We have standardised our practice and therefore have nothing to hide. We encourage you to find fees listed on any other UK immigration agencies site.

These are our foundation key selling points. We have more solutions to offer though, we are building more solutions (daily).

Another important aspect, that we have only now begun to realise, is that our stability in market presence means that we have outlasted the majority of Pretoria’s UKVI officials.

Often we have a better understanding of visa requirements than they do.

Ryan is very proud of his ability to represent any entry clearance application with the UKVI. Ryan has successfully represented complex cases such as the claim to the Right of Abode, where commonwealth status was needed to be retained for the duration of one’s life (before submission). Given that South Africa exited the commonwealth, it makes these types of applications rare to qualify for.


As a private service provider, we value and encourage your feedback (Compliments or Complaints). Please share your feedback on our testimonial page.

Your feedback will help guide us.


Move Up are proud members of the British Chambers of Business for Southern Africa. This membership serves as confirmation that Move Up is not only committed to helping South Africans gain entry clearance but rather that Move Up is committed to helping South Africans do business with the UK.

Confirmation can be found by clicking on the image below: