Move Up 15 Recommendations for Relocation

  • 15 Recommendations for UK relocation.

  • 11 Recommendations : Before you leave

    Please find attached our helpful recommendations for aspects of relocation that can be considered before departure.
  • This offering is available to South Africans before they depart for the UK. It allows for South Africans to know their UK phone number before departure (enabling "easily continued" communication with friends and family once transitioning abroad).
  • That's right folks, with technology today, it is possible to open up a UK bank account before you depart. The complication though is that you will need to know someone in the UK who is willing to receive a posted letter on your behalf.
  • For those not in the loop, social media provides a free platform of support. Many of the recommendations and tips on this value add page come from Facebook recommendations. Join our online support.
  • This is not a UK visa requirement (it is however a Schengen visa requirement). Caters for South Africans looking to reduce risk and protection from unplanned pitfalls. Travel insurance primarily covers luggage protection and also provides medical aid protection.
  • Relocating pets is more complicated than we like to admit. There is a company that can help with the necessary documents, veterinary tests, treatments, endorsements and permits needed to get your pet to its new home safely, simply and efficiently with minimal stress.
  • We have put together a short term list of solutions for South Africans to consider. Some might present better cost solutions than the default "Air BnB". We have also gathered feedback and recommendations based on experiences from other South Africans who have gone through this step.
  • Furniture removals and import tax are two more challenges that get roped into this part of the transaction. Why not have one company help coordinate these dealings (and relieve you from the stress that this incurs)?
  • Each South African resident taxpayer may avail themselves of their annual single Discretionary Allowance (R1 million) and/or Foreign Capital Allowance (R10 million) per calendar year, for direct offshore investment in foreign currency denominated assets. Find out who we recommend facilitating transfers at competitive rates.
  • Looking to break ties with SARS, financial planners can help with the deregistering of SA resident status. Double tax is the transaction we all want to minimize. We find that this process really adds value to South Africans that claim household income over R1M per year.
  • Financial advisors can help with SA tax and reserve bank implications. We have gathered recommendations and tips on how to navigate this requirement.
  • Where to go? How to start? How it works? We have you covered. Find out more about the differences in schooling structures and what options are available.
  • 4 Recommendations: Upon arrival

    Here is a list of recommendations that will help the settling in process.
  • A fundamental difference between SA and the UK is identity numbers. SA is unique in this regard. We have an old ID book system where a unique ID number is given to each individual. The UK does not have this type of system. Instead, they uniquely identify people based on their tax registration number. The sooner you become tax registered, the sooner you can "fit in" in terms of opening accounts in the UK.
  • Our team has pulled together a list of recommendations based on experiences from other South Africans have had. For more information, click on the button below
  • Yes, we did it again. Recommendations are taken from fellow South Africans who have gone down this path before you. Buying Agents, Raising Mortgage loans, where to find cheap homes and recommendations on bigger house buys. We have it all.
  • What's the quickest and easiest way to join your new local community? We have recommendations from other South Africans that have done it. Tips and tricks on how to make friends abroad.