Can I get a British Passport?

Getting a British passport has never been easier. The UK government have implemented technologically advanced systems that generate consistent and reliable service delivery.

Over the years we have developed a strong working relationship with the officials at Her Majesties Passport Office.

We have also worked through changes and improvements with them and we continually monitor the processes to make sure our clients experience the most efficient service.

To best help in these first time applications, we offer two sets of free assessments.

The first is based on the theory of the case. When and where relatives (and applicants) were born. This helps determine eligibility from the beginning.

The second assessment addresses the documents on hand. Seen as a more thorough assessment, this helps identify legal recognition and feasibility in terms of processing and timelines.

Free THeory Assessment Free Birth Certificate Assessment

With South Africa and the United Kingdoms integrated history, this question (of “can I get a British passport?“) understandably comes up often. That gold rush did us some favours.

British citizenship (and becoming a British national) is an internationally demanded benefit. Whilst the UK remain in the EU, the British passport is known internationally as the best travel passport (with least visa restrictions). This benefit becomes well know when compared to the limitations of the “green mamba”.

To claim British nationality, that is to request to become a British passport holder, there are quite a few specific provisions that have been made.

There are 4 broad provisions:

There are also many types of British nationality that one can hold. It is not like South Africa, where either you are a South African national (and you have a South African passport) or you don’t.

The British have cleverly come up with a system that recognizes whether an applicant is a complete British national (formally referred to as “British national otherwise than by descent”) or other. The department of Her Majesties Passport Office (HMPO) can grant you a more complex version of British citizenship.

One can view this British nationality system as either holding full citizenship (formally known as “British nationality otherwise than by descent”) or half citizenship (formally known as “British nationality through descent”).

Rather than explaining the legislation or getting interested applicants to research and try understand the legislation, we encourage applicants to try our quick, free and easy online assessment to identify options available.

Click here to try our British nationality assessment

Alternatively, we encourage interested applicants to contact us so that we can best further assist.

At present, this is a list of the types of British nationality claims that Move Up provides assistance for:

British passports (first time applications)

If you have read this page out of curiosity but have previously been awarded a British passport (either recently or in the past), then we have created a ’I am British’ page.


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