This page caters for British passport applications lodged in South Africa.

It is important to note that even though Move Up provides the most efficient, reliable and value added service when it comes to submitting British passport applications in SA, applicants need to take into consideration that making use of Move Up’s service is entirely optional.

It is not compulsory for applicants to make use of Move Up’s passport solution in order to resolve their passport needs. Further to this, Move Up operates as an independent third party in these applications. Therefore Move Up is not government owned or restricted. Our commercial rights are open to public trade.

If you are looking to resolve your South African passport needs, unfortunately there is no value added service that we can back. While the administration of SA Home Affairs is flawed, the security of our passports has been upgraded with the need of biometric (finger print) submission. With this need in place, Move Up has witnessed that there are no reliable third party bypasses (with the exception of some SA banks).

When it comes to British passport needs in South Africa, either of these two statements apply:

Given that Move Up is UKIASA compliant, we operate under a standardised and accountable British nationality policy. Currently Move Up’s British passport provision is made up of 4 categories:

If you would like to find out more about the best applicable solution available for yourself, we encourage you to contact us or request a call back.