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Finally, the time has come. You are ready and willing to make the the move to the UK. Naturally the next step is to see where your family members fit in. How does the British government views families and their relocation?

When compared to other countries, the UK is a lot more strict in their definition of family dependency. The US and EU open up elderly and adult dependents, where the UK does not.

The UK makes provision for married like partners and minor dependents.

A common frustration is that children in their 20’s cannot qualify to join their family. In immigration terms, they are treated as adults and need to qualify independently.

Married-like partners.

We have taken the liberty to explain how the British government view relationships. More importantly, what types of relationships open the doors to “legally recognized”.

Married Like Relationships


Minor Dependents.

Children under the age of 18 years can qualify to join their parent(s).

Here at Move Up, we have identified 3 types of minor dependency applications that we facilitate.

  1. Children that join both biological parents.
  2. Children that join one biological parent (usually from prior relationship).
  3. Children that are adopted.

Out of the 3 scenarios, the second application has the highest risk of refusal. Often these are step-child applications.



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