To help our fellow South Africans assess their UK options, we have put together five quick assessments.

The idea is that we want to help assess options as quickly (and easily) as possible.

What does Move Up offer?

Why use Move Up’s solutions?

The British government have created a user friendly platform and they continually update and improve upon their system.

The complication is that they are giving global advice. They are also servicing global submissions and queries. 11 Million visitors per year.

South African focused.

Move Up is South Africa based, South African run and a South African focused operation. We are here to help South Africans navigate their dealings with the UK government.

We provide a constant source of solutions that South Africans can rely upon.

We know South African banks (and it’s financial sector), South Africa’s Home Affairs (and its unique record keeping system) and South Africa’s legal implications.

Each country has its own infrastructure and way of doing things. It is practically near impossible to give global advice (and factor each countries variations of record keeping). This is the flaw in the British governments approach.

We also know the British government. We monitor their systems (and decision making processes). We also keep up to date with their constantly changing legislation (and proposed changes). Monitoring the implications of new rules daily.

Our biggest value add is that we have experience in representing thousands of South African cases. We bring expertise through experience.

In summary, Move Up proudly brings South African consideration to UK government dealings. That’s why you should consider our representation in unique cases.

What our clients say

Take a look at our Google reviews and see for yourself:

Pamela Cherry
Pamela Cherry
Thank you Linda for your amazing service and support in our Ancestral Visa applications. You were very thorough in going through all our documentation and your guidance was truly helpful. Working with you made us feel more confident in putting through our applications. I would recommend your services to anyone looking to move to the UK. Regards Pams
Melissa King
Melissa King
Working with Move Up really helped take all the stress out of applying for our visa. I had a million questions and concerns yet our representative handled them (and me) with patience, kindness and professionalism. Can’t thank this group enough for getting me over! Highly recommend working with them.
Alexa Lagesse
Alexa Lagesse
Linda assisted me with applying for an Ancestral Visa. I was so grateful for the time and effort she provided. She answered so many of my questions on a daily basis. Trying to do it alone was incredibly frustrating. Best decision we made was to engage with Move Up to assist us.
Highly recommend Move Up. Their precise instructions and prompt responses made my SV stress free. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Jason.
Julia Waterman
Julia Waterman
I have been very impressed with the wonderful service provided by Move Up and would highly recommend them to anyone!
Caitlin F
Caitlin F
Move Up was so helpful in obtaining my Visa. The service was phenomenal and I would certainly recommend them for help with any Visas!
Kathryn Venter
Kathryn Venter
I wish to praise Melanie and Move up highly for their excellent service during my application for a British Passport. Their precise instructions and prompt responses made the whole process easy and stress free. Highly recommended.
Cailin Burrows
Cailin Burrows
Absolutely phenomenal service from the team at MoveUp especially Jason who assisted me with my entire visa application. Professional, friendly and efficient. If I could give more stars I would!
Bruce Thomson
Bruce Thomson
To anyone reading and searching for a visa assist agency I highly recommend Move Up. Linda assisted me all the way and her service was nothing short of brilliant. Response time to questions and documentation was within hours if not the same hour and the advice offered saved me days of research and stress. Linda, sincerely, thank you for your all your efforts and excellence. Bruce and Armarni
Lauren Bettell-Higgins
Lauren Bettell-Higgins
We used Linda as our agent to assist with our AV and dependant visas. Thank you for everything Linda, for putting up with all our questions and concerns, for being so patient. I would highly recommend your services. Thank you thank you x

What does Move Up do though?

What we offer is a straight forward solution. When you make use of Move Up’s representation, you will get the following:

    • Online applications completed on your behalf
    • Personalized checklist listing documents your case will need.
    • Personal caseworker to double check your documents.
    • Industry knowledge and experience which guarantees a successful first time outcome.

Our guarantee is our draw card. If you don’t get your visa first time round, we don’t deserve to get paid. 

We are here to avoid mistakes and ensure cases will be awarded first time round.

The above assessments are the first part of our approach to the market. We assess case eligibility first. Done in theory, based on information provided by the applicant in question. 

Free of charge, we assess if the qualifying requirements can be met based on information discussed over telephone or email.

Feasibility second. Our second free assessment looks at key qualifying documents and what records the applicant has on hand. 

Too often companies only conduct a theory assessment and ask for case fees, only to find key qualifying documents are not on hand. This delays the case submission and really just wastes everyone’s time.

Our approach covers applicants best. We assess the theory and the look at the documents on hand. Best case, key qualifying (usually time consuming) documents are in order, we can offer representation straight away.

Worst case, documents are not on hand, we help identify ways to resolve it quickest and put our assessments on hold until the case is ready to proceed.

To find out more about us and our why, please have a look at the options below:

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