This page caters for South Africans after they have identified Move Up’s UKIASA product offering that they now want to apply for.

To best answer the question “how to apply”, we want to take this opportunity to create awareness about what a standard application entails.

A standard visa application entails the following steps:

Step 1: The applicant expresses interest in applying for UK visa.
Step 2: Move Up assesses if the applicant can qualify (free of charge) and then offers representation (should the applicant qualify).
Step 3: The applicant then appoints Move Up as their visa representative.
Step 4: Once appointed, Move Up then supplies the applicant with a visa related questionnaire, detailed documentation checklist, templates and examples of what is needed.
Step 5: The applicant then gathers the required supporting documents and completes the questionnaire.
Step 6: The applicant then sends through copies (either through scan and email, fax or couriered copies).
Step 7: Move Up proof reads the supporting documents and addresses the case as a whole – limiting any grounds of dismissal.
Step 8: Move Up completes the online application, the appendix and any other relevant applicants that need to be addressed.
Step 9: Move Up emails the applicant the completed uploaded application forms.
Step 10: The applicant then prints the final application forms and includes them with their gathered documents.
Step 11: The applicant then attends an appointment (at their local application centre) in person (to hand in their passport, finger prints and supporting documents).
Step 12: The application centre then places the documents into a parcel. The parcel is then couriered to Pretoria, where a decision is made based on the paper work supplied.
Step 13: Once the Pretoria ECO’s (Entry Clearance Officials) award the visa, they place the passport (with visa inside) back into the parcel and return courier (over night) to the application centre.
Step 14: The applicant should get emailed to confirm that the application is ready for collection.
Step 15: The applicant collects their application (with all supporting documents returned along with visa and passport).

What makes Move Up different?

Our approach to the market is simple and effective. Learning from other companies that have got it wrong, we find that our biggest difference in approach to the market relates our company ethical standing.

Our core 4 solutions we adopted are:

1. Move Up offers free visa assessments.
2. Move Up only offers representation to applicants that qualify. The free assessment helps us determine case feasibility.
3. Move Up guarantees a successful first time outcome or we don’t get paid.
4. Move Up provides industry leading response times to queries raised.

In terms of free assessments, there are firms that charge for their time upfront. This approach to the market is unethical from our perspective. Applicants that do not qualify for a UK visa should not have to pay for an assessment.

In terms of offering representation to applicants that qualify, this statement sounds obvious but the truth is that large businesses place pressure on their sales staff to sell at any cost. This includes incorrectly qualifying applicants or telling them that they can help when really they cant.

In terms of guaranteeing a successful outcome, whats important to note is that we are not selling a “no win no fee” policy which has hidden administration costs. If we assess a client, offer representation and that clients case is refused because of an error on our end, that client does not deserve to pay their representative a cent.

Finally, Move Up does not separate its sales staff from its caseworkers. Instead, our sales staff are caseworkers. Immigration consultants. This improved approach to the market place stops the break in miscommunication between departments. It holds one consultant responsible for their assistance. If that consultant is not able to take that cases technicalities on, we senior consultants step in.

We encourage interested applicants to contact us.

Alternatively, we not try our quick travel needs assessment: