The purpose of this page is to help identify the types of cases available to South African (and SA based British) passport holders.

If you are unsure of which UK visa best applies in your case, please be encourage to get in contact with our friendly team. Move Up offers free electronic assessments (over email and phone). 

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The UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) charge a fee in Pounds Sterling (GBP) to cover the administration costs incurred in handling visa applications. This administration fee then fluctuates on a monthly basis to reflect our local South African Rand (ZAR) rate.

**Please also note that the declared UKVI fee is inclusive of 3% international bank charge incurred in processing visa and passport payments.

For more information or to find out which offering best applies in your case, please be encouraged to contact us.

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Fees taken from:

Details regarding UK Home Office exchange policy changes (effective Oct 2017) can be found here.


To help in visa applications, Move Up charge a case fee per application. All Move Up case fees (unless wavered) operate under a full refund guarantee.