To help clarify the transaction, we have put together a “visa-vs-passport” page. This serves to help explain the difference and working relationship between visas and passports.

Further to this, we have put together a “frequently asked questions” page with very helpful content. This content serves to help clarify questions like “ do I need a visa? ”.

Getting started with UK visas, we need to clarify what we mean when we say: UK.

UK obviously stands for United Kingdom. It consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

With this UK definition in mind, Move Up help service applicants in gaining permission to pass through the UK border. This permission is given in the form of a visa (travel document) placed inside the applicants’ passport.

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UK Visitor

Work Permits

British Passport


Processing Times

UK visa fees

For a different visual explain of the UK’s visa offerings, click here and take a look at our UK Visa “Tube” map.

The UK government have made the following visa categories available to South Africans:

Standard visitors
Business visitors
Transit or stop overs
Work permits
Ancestral claims
Family dependency
Marriage dependency
Student visas
Unique visas other than the above

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