Short term visitor visas

Any stay in the UK longer than 48 hours requires a UK visitor visa.

Stays less than 48 hours need to consider the UK’s transit visa.

Cost effective alternatives?

The UK’s visitor visa is issued for a minimum 6 month period. There is no shorter (or cheaper) option for short stays in the UK. 

Also, we are sorry to say that there are no discounts available for minors or retired applicants (unfortunately). Flat rate applies to each visa applicant.

New born babies have to pay the same rate as an adult applicant.

Visitor Visa’s for South Africans

While the Americans adopted a “face to face” interview approach, the British have adopted a paper based application approach. It enables the Entry Clearance Officers to thoroughly process evidence presented, as opposed to making a decision on spot. Obviously this approach also removes “biased decision making”.

To complicate this simple process further, the British have insisted on internet based applications before being able to hand in supporting documents.

What the visa offers?

The 6 month visitor visa offers non-European (also known as South African) passport holders permission to enter the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) for a maximum period of 6 months.

This visa grants multi-entrance permission for the duration of its issue. This means that South Africans are free to enter and exit the UK as much as they like for the duration that the visa has been granted for.

Alternative types of 6 month Visitor Visas

To find out more about the various types of visitor visa categories, take a look at our Special Visitor Visas.

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