Move Up’s Guarantee

First and foremost, our guarantee is simple. If your visa is not awarded first time round, with Move Up’s representation, the case fee you pay Move Up is refunded in full. No hidden administration costs. 

If we don’t stop the refusal, we don’t deserve to be paid.

That’s our guarantee. A full refund on our case fees.

Further to this, the Immigration industry has several areas where it can and is going to be improved upon. At Move Up, we know the value of customer service and creating a positive consumer experience is one of the key elements to our growing success.

With this in mind, consumers (potential travelling South Africans) can expect a 6 working hour response time to their last sent email query. Another reliable service our clients experience is that Move Up is constantly up to date with the latest immigration changes.

Daily dealings with the UKVI ensures that we know what they are looking for and keeps us in the key position of being best middle man to go to.


To continue our improvement model, we operate on a standard “Full Case Fee Refund Guarantee”. Covering our clients in their first time visa application.

In the unlikely event of not being awarded your visa through Move Ups representation, our case fee is refunded in full.

No hidden costs or agendas.

Operating with this refund guarantee means that we have to make sure our clients qualify for their visas. Another industry leading service that Move Up provides is free visa assessments. We do not believe in charging clients only to tell them they do not qualify.

In summary, we are not here to waste your time and take your money.


We have defined our minimum level of service commitment. This definition holds us accountable to clients (helping create realistic expectations):

    • 6 working hour Response Time to emails.
    • Free visa Assessment confirming Eligibility
    • International and National Visa Assistance (help for South Africans internationally)
    • Up-to-date UK immigration solutions
    • Detailed and user friendly documentation checklists and templates
    • Standard Full Refund Guarantee on Case Fee
    • Visa Representation Limits the Grounds for Dismissal
    • Your Paper Work is processed beforehand by professionals
    • Online application is completed by Move Up on your behalf

Further details about who we are can be found on our “About Us” page.

As well as information about how we help (step by step) can be found on our “How To Apply” page.


To continue with our upfront intent to clarify what to expect, we also have some frequent misunderstanding of our representation.

  • Guaranteed of Successful Outcomes (no company can offer this legally).
    • We can’t guarantee a successful outcome. Rather we guarantee that we will do our best to help get a successful first time outcome and with our help, if applicants don’t get their visa, we will refund our case fee in full (therefore we guarantee that we will help – not guarantee that we will get a successful outcome).
  • Increased Processing Speeds (not able to guarantee this).
    • Having been in this industry for quite some time now, we know the visa system thoroughly. We know the common set backs, the current processing speed and we know some short cuts. We can’t however ask for cases to be processed quicker but we can however navigate efficient submissions.
  • Bypass the Visa Application Centers (Teleperformance) – finger prints need to be submitted.
    • The UKVI are slowly rolling out “e-visas”. Actually they are busy testing the security of them. Eventually progress will be made and applicants will only need to submit biometrics once. At present though, each visa submission requires the applicant to submit in person.

We trust South Africans appreciate honest and reliable service.

If you have any questions or have found that we have not honoured our service commitment, please let Ryan Rennison (Director of Move Up) know your feedback. You can email him directly:

Consumer feedback is welcomed.

Perhaps you have a general question to ask, we have answers to the following questions:

Still not the content you are looking for, perhaps these questions relate to your intent?

Taking a step back from immigration specifics, we have put the following together to help communicate the basics of South Africans travelling internationally.

Top Up Service


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