Beat The NHS 2018 Rush

Move Up is currently dealing with a higher volume of Ancestry applications, with the pending NHS fee increase looming.

Based on our experience in visa changes, there are naturally a high volume of last minute submissions.

These last minute cases consist of understandably more stressful processes. Attempts to try to get a lot done in a short period of time. Any delays are then blown out of context and applicants rarely enjoy the additional strain.

To address this, our crisis management team have proactively made more skilled caseworkers available for the Ancestry visa demand over the November 2018 period.

To however protect our clients best interests, we will be implementing a once off price hike in Ancestry cases. Between 1st – 20th November 2018, defined as “last minute period”, Move Up’s case fee in Ancestry cases, looking to beat the NHS fee increase, will be inflated by 40%.

Any cases that sign up during the last minute period, with intent to beat the fee increase will be liable to the inflated rate.

Between today (15th October) and Wednesday (31st October), South Africans looking to apply before the change, can do so at our current case fee rate (seen as the most competitive rate in the market).

Further to that, interested applicants, are encouraged to first try our free birth certificate assessment:

Free Birth Certificate Assessment

We want to make sure that applicants have their birth certificates in order before signing up.

Please also note that the Move Up has reputable and reliable third parties that can source birth certificates within 3 weeks (at additional cost unfortunately). Worst case, applicants that do not have the right certificates on hand, we have more solutions to offer.

For those wanting to find out more about the NHS fee increase, please take a look at the confirmed implementation date below:

1 December NHS Fee Increase Date Announced