TB X-Rays Required for UK visas

Effective 31 December 2012, all South African passport holders seeking permission to work or live in the UK for periods longer than 6 months now require a compulsory TB X ray.

Further to this requirement, the UKBA have only accredited 3 testing institutions that grant the needed health check recognition.

Further details can be found on our information pack (please note this PDF file is approximately 0.7MB) 2013-TB-Screening.pdf.

Ryan Rennison

With over 10 years of industry experience, Ryan Rennison has witnessed the constantly changing UK immigration legislation. Paying specific attention to the changes that impact South African passport holders, Ryan proudly helps South Africans gain permission to enter the UK, formally known as Entry Clearance. Move Up is the banner under which Ryan has chosen to run with, this site serves to capture the solutions he and his team offer.

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