British Passport Upgraded Online Process 2014

Effective 20 January 2014, British passport applications (both first time and renewal applications) have to be first processed online. The online process incorporates the previous paper-based questions found on the C1 form and the modernized OS form.

The previous passport process consisted of applicants in South Africa having to find the application forms online, then applicants would print them (minimum 5 pages), manually answer the questions and then applicants could courier the application to the United Kingdom. The new process eliminates the need to download and print forms.

This upgrade in online passport submission is the second improvement that directly impacts applications submitted in South Africa in the past 3 months. The previous change in British passport protocol relates to the closing of the Pretoria British Passport division (effective 28 October 2013).

Both passport submission changes (closing of Pretoria passport division and the implementation of online applications) strengthen the British passport security process. What some might not realise is that the previous British passport submission entailed submitted sensitive credit card information to overseas strangers. This new online facility saves applicants from being compromised in this regard.

Two years ago Move Up witnessed this same online upgrade implemented to help in visa applications being submitted in South Africa (effective 16 January 2012).

For more information regarding British passport applications, please take a look at out British passport page.

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