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British citizenship through double descent.

The past week, a fellow British nationality and UK immigration firm has released a press release that vaguely explains a change in British nationality laws. Move Up has since received several calls looking for clarity in the transaction and solutions moving forward. It is true, the UK Government introduced legislation in 2002 and again in […]

My British Passport has expired. Can I travel on my South African Passport?
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My British Passport has expired. Can I travel on my SA passport?

Have a British Passport that has expired? This article caters for those fortunate enough to hold dual nationality; to be more specific, South Africans who also hold British nationality. Adult passports are issued for a set 10 year validity period. This also means that they expire. In their busy lives, dual nationals (hereafter referred to […]

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New Full Birth Certificates Issued by DHA

Effective 1 December 2016, South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs (DHA) issues a new type of birth certificate known as a “full” birth record. This adds to their Unabridged, Abridged and Vault copy of birth certificates issued. This new birth certificate offering serves to eliminate the backlog of duplicate requests for birth certificates by offering […]

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British Passport Upgraded Online Process 2014

Effective 20 January 2014, British passport applications (both first time and renewal applications) have to be first processed online. The online process incorporates the previous paper-based questions found on the C1 form and the modernized OS form. The previous passport process consisted of applicants in South Africa having to find the application forms online, then applicants would […]