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British citizenship through double descent.

The past week, a fellow British nationality and UK immigration firm has released a press release that vaguely explains a change in British nationality laws. Move Up has since received several calls looking for clarity in the transaction and solutions moving forward. It is true, the UK Government introduced legislation in 2002 and again in […]

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Financial Requirement Solutions

Many British passport holders find themselves in a position where the required financial household income, for the UK Settlement visa, is out of reach. For those that don’t know, the UK Settlement visa makes provision for South African family members to claim family dependency on their partner/parent’s British nationality. The complication in the UK Settlement […]

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Move Ups’ February 2015 Summary on UK Visas

Given that we are already half way through February, this year seems to be getting off to a busy start. We are nearly ready to roll out phase 1 of our business improvement plan (running a bit behind schedule but excited nonetheless). Over the past few months, the UK government (and its politicians) have announced […]

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TB X-Rays Required for UK visas

Effective 31 December 2012, all South African passport holders seeking permission to work or live in the UK for periods longer than 6 months now require a compulsory TB X ray. Further to this requirement, the UKBA have only accredited 3 testing institutions that grant the needed health check recognition. Further details can be found […]

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9 July 2012 Settlement Visa Changes.

On Wednesday (13 June 2012), in accordance with Damian Greens statement released in February 2012 (GBP31000 Salary Requirement), the UKBA have followed through with impact assesments, a policy equity statement and a statement of compatibility to confirm their compliance of the rules set out in Article 8 (which stipulates consideration of family life and private […]

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Damian Green (UK Immigration Minister) Salary Proposal for Settlement Visas.

On Thursday (2nd February 2012), immigration minister Damian Green, made a proposal at the Policy Exchange addressing Parliament saying that Britian needs to attract those who will benefit Britian and not just benefit from Britian. Taking into consideration that the Co-Alition Government have appointment Mr Green to only focus on non-EEA migrants (South Africans included), […]