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Details on how South Africans can either transit through the UK, stop over, quickly pass through or stay for a short vacation/business trip can be found here.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, Move Up is encouraging South Africans to spoil their mothers with the gift of travel to the UK. They offer a complimentary eVisa free assessment to streamline visa applications and make the celebration unforgettable. Here are 10 delightful places for a Mother’s Day excursion in the UK.

Customer Case Study: Marriage Visitor Visa

Unique Visa Provisions In our previous case study, we can see how Move Up’s free assessment serves to help reduce risk of refusal (before visa submission). In todays study, we will see that Move Up’s free assessment also serves to identify unique visa opportunities that exist. A young couple, one British, one South African, were […]

5 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Christmas Holiday in London

While you may think it’s too early to start planning your Christmas break, if you’re hoping to pop over to London in December and you’re on a budget, now is the time to start.  Even though we can’t guarantee you’ll get snow, we can help you squeeze every ounce of value out of your stay. […]

Move Up’s New Online Application

Today we announce Move Up’s latest product offering. A replica of the British governments online application ( This new offering serves to provide a much more user friendly experience. South Africans often complain about the visa4uk site -claiming it is difficult to access and process. To create an easier transaction, we have made this online application form […]

My British Passport has expired. Can I travel on my SA passport?

My British Passport has expired. Can I travel on my South African Passport?

Have a British Passport that has expired? This article caters for those fortunate enough to hold dual nationality; to be more specific, South Africans who also hold British nationality. Adult passports are issued for a set 10 year validity period. This also means that they expire. In their busy lives, dual nationals (hereafter referred to […]

Move Ups’ February 2015 Summary on UK Visas

Given that we are already half way through February, this year seems to be getting off to a busy start. We are nearly ready to roll out phase 1 of our business improvement plan (running a bit behind schedule but excited nonetheless). Over the past few months, the UK government (and its politicians) have announced […]

UKBA’s New “Super” Priority Visa Service

The UKBA have begun the implementation of a 24 hour processing time in UK visa applications. As previously announced on the 9th January 2013 – Super Fast Track Service made available in South Africa, it is now clear that the UKBA have had a change in implementation. I speculate that it is a public relations […]

UKBA’s New Faster Priority Visa Service

The UKBA are in the process of finalizing a way to process UK visas within 48 hours. After the 2012 Olympic hosting, the UK received global critism for their “technical” approach to leisure visas. The current visa system is being used as a deterent to foreigners as a means to address future over population. With […]

Compulsory Online Payment for UK Visas

Effective 16 January 2012, South Africans are expected to process payment of their visa applications online through the Visa4UK website. This means that South Africans can no longer make use of cash deposits at Nedbank, EFT (Electronic Fund Transactions) or make use of Bank guaranteed cheques. Further to this, South Africans will not be granted […]

Emergency Visitor Visa Service Now Offered

Operating on a first come first serve basis, for those South Africans looking to make a last minute UK visa application can now do so. Emergency and urgent applications can now be efficiently dealt with the help of Move Up and VFS (Visa Facilitation Service). Effective 14 November 2011, South Africans can expect a 3 […]