Poll: What impact will Brexit have on South Africa?

A Poll on Brexit

Ryan Rennison

With over 10 years of industry experience, Ryan Rennison has witnessed the constantly changing UK immigration legislation. Paying specific attention to the changes that impact South African passport holders, Ryan proudly helps South Africans gain permission to enter the UK, formally known as Entry Clearance. Move Up is the banner under which Ryan has chosen to run with, this site serves to capture the solutions he and his team offer.

One thought on “Poll: What impact will Brexit have on South Africa?

  1. Maxine Gerber says:

    Its very difficult for any person to get into UK with no money. Everything cost money and the financial requirements for settlement or family visas are very high. Looks like the UK only want the rich to settle here. I have been trying now for more than a year to get my husband here from South Africa, but because I don’t meet the financial requirements he is stuck in South Africa. Nobody is even interested in the fact that we have been married for more than 37 years and that we had to sell everything we had in South Africa to survive. I am fortunate enough to able to life here in Scotland and work here, although finding work has been difficult for me as well.

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