Move Up’s New Online Application

Today we announce Move Up’s latest product offering. A replica of the British governments online application (

This new offering serves to provide a much more user friendly experience. South Africans often complain about the visa4uk site -claiming it is difficult to access and process.

To create an easier transaction, we have made this online application form available without the need to register (which saves the applicant from needing to confirm their email address).

Further to this, we have added detailed optional responses to questions asked (as opposed to blank spaces). This serves to reduce the decision making time and to clarify the nature of the question being asked.

At this point, it is important to note that making use of Move Up’s online application is not compulsory. Move Up’s product offering comes at an additional cost and therefore is value added service is optional. This site caters for South Africans looking to experience swift and efficient applications.

It is also important to clarify how Move Up’s new system operates. A standard visitor visa application will experience the following 10 steps:

Step 1: The Applicant completes the online application and submits it to Move Up’s team of visa consultants.

Step 2: Move Up’s team then assess the cases departure date, expected intent, immigration history and feasibility (free of charge).

Step 3: Subject to gaining approval of Move Up’s team, the Applicant is sent an offer of representation (together with Move Up’s standard terms and conditions – which include a full refund case fee guarantee).

Step 4: The Applicant then instructs Move Up as their visa representative (by processing one payment and accepting Move Up’s standard terms and conditions).

Step 5: Move Up’s team of visa consultants provide the Applicant with detailed documentation checklist (listing the documents needed for a successful case) together with templates and examples.

Step 6: Move Up’s team then processes the online application on the applicants behalf and secures an appointment at their preferred application centre (JHB, CPT, DBN, PE or PTA) at the Applicants preferred date and time (subject to availability).

Step 7: The Applicant scans through their supporting documents to Move Up’s team, where Move Up’s caseworkers proof read the supporting documents and double check the required documents are in order.

Step 8: The Applicant then attends a visa appointment in person. This appointment is done at their local visa application centre. Move Up cannot bypass the need for the applicant to attend their visa appointment in person (even for second time submissions).

Step 9: The Applicants content is then couriered overnight to Pretoria’s secure processing unit, where a decision is made based on the paperwork provided.

Step 10: The visa is then awarded and returned to the application centre. The Applicant is notified that a decision has been made and is permitted to collect the application thereafter.

The above serves to confirm that Move Up does not guarantee a quicker turnaround time. Nor can Move Up bypass the need to personal biometric submission.

This online application merely serves to help experience an easier submission process.