2019 Update in Ancestry vs Settlement visa

This comparison below tends to be my default explanation when explaining the UK immigration industry.

This UK immigration industry can be compared to a board game. Where the British government sit down and draw up a set of rules for South Africans to follow.

Their expectation is that each and every visa applicant has to go and study those rules if they wish to win a visa (which gives permission to enter their country). Obviously takes up time, energy and comes at a cost.

What also happens though, is that the rules are interpreted differently by different decision-makers. Pretoria team interprets the rules differently to Sheffields team.

Further to this, the rules are constantly changing (and so too are the interpretations).

In 2016, I put up an interpretation of the comparison of the Ancestry visa versus the Settlement visa. The Ancestry won on 3 counts. Cost, risk (less than Settlement) and processing times. Both shared the same long term benefits.

The rules changed in 2018, where fees were increased to counter this interpretation. The ancestry visa only won in terms of risk (less than Settlement) and processing times. Both continued to share the same long term benefits.The Settlement visa became marginally cheaper.

In 2019, after meeting with the Regional Head of UKVI for the Southern Africa team (seen as Pretoria’s manager), I am left to draw new interpretations. Sheffield has been introduced as decision-makers and their interpretations are different.

I am left to conclude that the playing field has now been divided. 

An interpretation of rulings is that South Africans with a UK born parent (either mother or father) is not entitled to choose the Ancestry visa. Hence, there are less South Africans able to make use of this privileged choice.

Getting back to the original board game reference though, Move Up is a team of immigration practitioners that play this board game on a daily basis. Move Up gets elected to play on fellow South Africans behalf. Move Up, therefore, represents the South African publics best interest, whilst honouring the rules set out by the British government. 

Please take a look at my 2019 comparison of Ancestry Visas vs Settlement Visas for those South Africans that are trying to decide between the two.

For those considering the ANC as their families best next option:

Free birth certificate assessment

For those considering the STL as their families best next option:

Free financial requirement assessment

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