Emergency Visitor Visa Service Now Offered

Operating on a first come first serve basis, for those South Africans looking to make a last minute UK visa application can now do so.

Emergency and urgent applications can now be efficiently dealt with the help of Move Up and VFS (Visa Facilitation Service). Effective 14 November 2011, South Africans can expect a 3 day processing time (subject to applying in accordance with immigration law). Applicants that have previously been refused visas for any other countries and those that have criminal records are likely to experience processing delays.

General Visitor Visas lodged within South Africa generally have a 5 working day processing time. The announcement of the 3 day processing time will cater for those really last minute applications. The South African courier systems offer an infrastructure where overnight delivery is possible.

This means that South Africans can arrive at VFs on Monday morning to submit their express application and VFS can send it through to Pretoria for overnight delivery. Thereafter the visa can be approved (subject to immigration compliance) and be returned via courier that Tuesday evening. Which means applicants can expect a Wednesday return of application with visa inside passport.

“As great as this breakthrough in efficient processing times is, South Africans must remember that these rushed applications have always been the most stressful means of travelling. Further to this, South Africans are encouraged not to purchase flights before applying for their visas” recommends Ryan Rennison, Move Up’s Director.

Further Visitor Visa information can be found here: Move Up’s Visitor Visa Page

4 thoughts on “Emergency Visitor Visa Service Now Offered

  1. Christelle Slabbert says:

    Hi there

    Is it possible to get a visitor visa for my daughter (8months old) within 3 to 5days? I have a 2year visiting visa, my husband a 10year visa and ou other 2 kids, both a 2 year visa.

    Baby still needs one

    Christelle Slabbert

  2. Sheryl Rahme says:

    Good day
    I am a South African passport holder and my passport expires in 2023. I have enough pages free on it too. I have a 15 year old daughter but her passport has expired. I need to travel urgently to the UK for my best friends funeral on the 19th December 2019. My daughters passport has expired a year ago and her father and I are not together. He has however said that he will present himself with me to the Home Affairs to renew it. Once I get that, then I need to apply for her visa as well. Could you perhaps assist me with this?
    Thank you
    Sheryl 2782 449 9431

  3. Ryan Rennison says:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Thanks for your public response.

    Please note that if you contact my team via email: info@moveup.co.za – you can expect a 6 working hour response time.

    These public discussions are not frequently monitored (hence the very delayed response).

    Thanks for your understanding.

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