Customer Case Study: UK Skilled Worker Visa

UK Employer Sponsorship

UK skilled work permits, previously known as Tier 2 visas, work on the basis that UK employers not only have to offer South Africans job offers but they also have to gain approval from the UK government to do so.

In todays study, you will see that even UK employers don’t get the visa system right.


Jason is one of our senior caseworkers here at Move Up. He handles Move Up’s more complex cases. 

Primarily facilitating family relocation visas and often taking on these point based visa applications.



Jason introduces todays case as:

Client sent initial query via our website. From that point we opened up correspondence and I assessed the client’s eligibility.

At this point I need to clarify that Move Up proudly offers an industry leading Free Visa Assessment. Our assessments are conducted on eligibility and feasibility basis. 

Many companies out there only factor in theory of intent whereas go beyond that by factoring in key qualifying documents.

Getting back to the study though, Jason details the following case findings:


The UK company, offering the prospective South Africa UK employment opportunities, had done their bit by obtaining a COS (Certificate of Sponsorship) from the UK Home Office. This is a crucial document needed to qualify for the visa. Without a COS, the applicant could not qualify to apply.

Upon receipt of the COS, Jason quickly picked up on two errors.

  1. The annual salary was listed as £28 (when it should have been £28 000)  and;
  2. The type of visa category was incorrect.

These errors were of no fault of the client.  The UK employer registered the certificate and it was an administration error on their part.

Without having the above amended, had the applicant applied for the visa directly, it would have resulted in a refusal of visa application. The client would have forfeited their UK government visa fees, at no fault of their own.

Fortunately it took the UK company 3 months to request a new certificate and they were able make the needed amendments.

The client applied for their visa on the 28th June 2021 and we are expecting a 3 week processing time.


It goes to show you that even though UK company’s follow the process on their end, it doesn’t mean that they have got things right.

This is one of the areas where Move Up’s caseworkers are able to bring experience and are able to identify and rectify disqualifying discrepancies. 

Please be encouraged to get in touch for your UK visa needs.