Understandably South Africans simply want to know how long is it going to take to get their UK visas awarded.

Timing is often crucial. It helps co-ordinate travel arrangements and in a lot of cases determines travel feasibility. We understand this need and is the reason we have put

When it comes to visitor visas, the current processing times have been quite consistent over the past 4 years (which is a pretty impressive accommoplishment).

UK Visitor Visas specifically have a 15 working day turn around time (from date of submission) in standard submissions (non-expedited). This is the average processing time (out of season).

In peak seasons, we have witnessed standard submissions experience 17 working day turn around time (from date of submission).

Expedited Visitor visas experience an average of 5 working day turn around time. In peak season, 7 working days.

External Factors of Consideration:

    • Number of cases currently in the visa queue.
    • Number of visa officials allocated to work at Pretoria.
    • Time of year, seasonal or not.
    • Case technicalities or complexities. Each case is unique.

The above factors of consideration often add unpredictable delays to visa application. As a reputable third party agency with 10 years experience dealing with the UK governments visa department, we have learnt the hard way, that visa processing times are unpredictable.

Therefore our approach to the visa market is simply that we do not guarantee processing times. Instead our value added service, that we can guarantee, is a successful outcome.

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For more information about our service guarantee, please take a look at our full refund guarantee page.

For last minute travel arrangements, our team can help identify feasibility of travels (free of charge). Our standard operating process is to only offer representation in cases where there is sufficient time to process the visa.

To answer the question about processing times, all we can do is refer to recent submission and how long they took. Move Up therefore does not guarantee quicker results with our representation.

No agency can speed up the UK visa process (we have tried). Any company that guarantees quicker processing times is selling a misleading service.

The UK government publish its recent processing times on the following link.

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Further Information.

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