Now that we have identified the intent, and in this case, that it is for leisure purposes, we can help address further solutions.

Here are some further frequent questions asked:


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To address some frequently asked questions, we have the following solutions available:

How much does it cost?

A cost breakdown for each of the popular UK visas can be found on our UK Visa Fees page. 

What happens if I get a job offer whilst in the UK visiting?

This happens fairly often, especially in cases where applicants attend interviews whilst in the UK with a visitor visa. We have put together a Change Visitor Visa Status Once in UK page to help address UK visa options.

 If I have friends in the UK offering to sponsor a more permanent stay in the UK, what are my visa options?

This question comes up quite a lot, UK residents genuinely mean well when they initiate this dialog. 

Friends in UK Offering Sponsorship page is designed to help address this question.

Do I need a UK visa if I am going on a cruise ship that is making a stop at Southampton (and I do not intend on leaving the ship)?

Many fortunate South Africans find themselves about to embark on this amazing holiday and they realize that UK is part of their itinerary.

We understand that this entails additional costs and visa applications play a time-consuming (as well as additional administration) factor in this process.

To help explain the options available, we have put together a Cruise Ship Stopping at Southampton page.

What are the permitted activities South African passport holders are allowed to do in the UK with their visitor visas?

To help create awareness of what is permitted, we have created a Unique Provisions for Visiting the UK page. It serves to create awareness of what is permissible when visiting the UK (with UK visitor visa).

What are the options for short stays in the UK?

Short stop overs happen often. South Africa has developed a strong commercial relationship with UK airlines and South Africans often have great discounted flights that stop over in the UK (on route to other international destinations).

What we created a page to explain the options for Short stay in the UK.

What are the options to stay longer in the UK?

To help address this option, we have put together a Long stay in the UK page.

We have also raised the concerns that the British government has when this query is raised. 

How much does a UK visitor visa cost?

Attached below is a cost breakdown of UK visitor visas:

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