Exciting Breakthrough in British Nationality Law by Move Up

Pretoria, South Africa

Move Up, a prominent leader in immigration and visa solutions, proudly announces a groundbreaking achievement in British Nationality Law. The company has successfully secured approval for three minor British nationality claims, each three generations removed from British-born relatives.

This extraordinary triple descent claim was spearheaded by Gwen Vermeulen, a distinguished litigation attorney who heads Move Up’s Legal team.

Ryan Rennison, Director of Move Up, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “We are incredibly proud of this breakthrough; it firmly establishes Move Up as one of the leading British nationality experts in South Africa.

Unlike conventional British citizenship claims based solely on British Nationality law, Move Up’s landmark case leveraged a unique legal argument. This approach considered complex factors and past judgments that significantly influenced the decision-making process.

Under the latest changes to British nationality law in June 2022, Move Up successfully navigated past the standard requirement for applicants (minors) to evidence three years of co-habitation in order to attain British citizenship.

It’s crucial to highlight that this successful case was presented with a distinctive interpretation of UK law.

In instances where South Africans have been granted certificates of British registration, particularly under sections 4C, 4F, and 4L, Move Up can now initiate claims for the registered British national to pass down British citizenship to the newly registered individual. Notably, this innovative process eliminates the need to provide evidence of three years of residence in the UK.

For those seeking an assessment of their eligibility for British citizenship registration or exploring how Move Up can assist with minors’ cases, we encourage you to try our free online assessment. Let’s initiate discussions today and explore the possibilities.

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