Immigration Firm Raises Concerns Over UK Visa Delays Impacting South African Applicants

Calls for Transparency and Efficiency in the Wake of Growing Uncertainties

Johannesburg, 12 March 2024: Move Up, a leading specialist in UK immigration legislation, today voices its concern over the significant delays in the processing of certificates for UK work permits for South African nationals. These delays have caused uncertainty and distress among applicants and businesses relying on international talent.

In a post-pandemic world where global mobility is crucial for economic recovery and personal livelihoods, timely and transparent visa processing is more important than ever. Move Up is calling on UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) authorities to address these delays promptly and to provide clear communication to all stakeholders involved.

Following the pandemic, the UK saw a temporary relaxation in work permit thresholds to stimulate economic growth. However, recent policy shifts have led to a halt in issuing work permits to non-UK nationals, causing a bottleneck effect for countless South African applicants. These delays not only impact the individuals and their families but also the businesses that depend on global talent to thrive.

“Ryan Rennison, Founder of Move Up, states, ‘The lack of response from UKVI officials in South Africa to our inquiries is concerning. Transparency and efficiency in visa processing are vital to maintain trust and confidence among applicants and international partners. We urge the UK government to address these delays and provide clear guidelines to assist those affected.'”

The Toll on Families and Individuals:

One poignant example is the story of Sean, who, in anticipation of starting a new chapter in the UK, resigned from his longstanding position in South Africa and ended his housing lease. Sean, the primary breadwinner for his family, entered into an employment contract with a UK firm, expecting the visa process to adhere to the standard 3-week timeframe. However, the unforeseen halt in issuing work permits has left Sean and his family in a precarious limbo, now stretching beyond 10 weeks. This delay has not only placed financial strain on Sean’s family but also emotional distress as they face an uncertain future.

Widening the Lens:

Sean’s story is not an isolated incident. Move Up has numerous clients caught in a similar standstill, awaiting their certificates for an extended period, far beyond the promised processing time. These delays have ripple effects, impacting not just the applicants but also the UK businesses ready to welcome these international talents. The current pause in issuing certificates undermines the trust and reliability so crucial in international relations and business operations.

Call to Immediate Action:

In light of these pressing challenges, Move Up strongly urges the UK government to expedite the processing of work permits and enhance transparency in their communication with applicants and stakeholders. Prompt and decisive action is essential to alleviate the hardships faced by individuals like Sean and to restore confidence in the UK’s commitment to global talent and international collaboration.

Expertise and Assistance:

Backed by a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of UK immigration laws, Move Up is dedicated to guiding affected individuals and businesses through these turbulent times. Our team of experts is ready to provide tailored support and solutions to those caught in the crosshairs of policy changes and delays.

About Move Up:

Move Up, an esteemed member of British Chamber of Business, stands at the forefront of immigration consultancy, specializing in UK immigration law. Our mission is to offer unparalleled advice and support, easing the complexities of the immigration process for our clients.

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