To be permitted to allow for international travel, families in South Africa have to request prior permission for their intended destination.

This is why this page has been created. To help South African families apply for permission to enter the United Kingdom. 

Two sets of consideration that applies at this early stage of research is:

    • Intent and
    • Relationship status


To help navigate which UK visa applies, we need to find out what the applicants intent is. The following are basic types of UK bound intent that we facilitate:

    • Short stop over (on route to another country),
    • Leisure visit (tourist holiday or visiting of family or friends in UK),
    • Relocation (to begin settling into the UK, usually for work and/or study purposes).


To further help address which UK visas applies, we also need to find out the status of relationship that each applicant is looking to claim. We generally breakdown family dependency as followed:

    • Main applicant.
    • Married dependent.
    • Unmarried dependent.
    • Shared biological minor dependent.
    • Adopted minor dependent.
    • Step-child minor dependent.
    • Minor dependent joining one biological parent (and not both).
    • Adult child dependent.
    • Elderly parent dependent.

Family Dependents

Please let us know more details regarding the type of dependency that is looking to be claimed.
  • Please specify your intent for this trip to the UK.
  • How many family members will be presented in this case?
  • Please clarify the relationship status of the family dependents looking to join the main applicant (or sponsor).