Customer Case Study: Ancestry Work Permit

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In todays case study, we are going to be looking at how we help South Africans locally and internationally. 

Today’s client, Julianne, was referred to us by her brother. We helped him and his wife submit their Ancestry case in the USA. When his sister was ready to relocate, he insisted that she contacts us.

Often with these cases, South Africans tend to underestimate the qualifying documents needed and overestimate the backend access to information.


Linda handles all of Move Up’s Ancestry and complex British nationality claims here. Most impressively, she has maintained a 100% success rate in her Ancestry visa submissions for the past 5 years working with us. 

She is thorough and knows exactly what Pretoria’s ECOs are looking for in a visa submission.


Julianne reached out via email. As just mentioned, her brother insisted that she make contact with Linda.

One can understand that Julianne’s frustration in the access to documents is logical. She referenced that:

You have all my documents from my brother.

The reality though is that we only had access to his birth certificate, their parent and their grandparent.

Needed was still her supporting documents.

The access of administratively challenging documents is a common frustration that clients face in these transactions. Fortunately she knew she was in good hands and we worked with her, step by step, through the application process.


In Ancestry cases, there are several moving parts that clients have to navigate. 

They say that the two most stressful life events are moving and getting divorced. In our industry, clients are moving countries. More stress than one realizes.

One of the challenges raised in this case was the need to access financial records. We understand that is can be viewed as sensitive information and declaring ones living expenses does present an element of exposure that most people are not usually asked to do.

It is however the only way that the British government can ensure that the applicant in question is authentically who they say they are. Further to this, the British government use financial records as a means to assess household income (as a criminal preventative method – a means to identify questionable cash deposits and possible money laundering agendas). 


Not only does Move Up conduct thorough assessments in determining case eligibility but once clients sign up, our team provides great care and support in helping our clients present successful outcomes.

This is what Julianne had to say about her case, once her visa was approved:

Please be encouraged to get in touch for your UK visa needs.