Linda Cottrell
British Nationality Manager


A British passport holder, married to a British national, living in South Africa.

Linda joined Move Up in 2015, coming from a property management background.

In all this time, Linda has only had 1 case refused (in 2018). She specializes in British passport and Ancestry work permit applications.

One can conclude that her career at Move Up consists of 100% success rate in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019. In 2018, 99% success rate.

What is important to note is that Linda is the only caseworker handling Move Up’s British nationality and Ancestry cases (averaging a minimum of 30 cases a month).

Linda is Ryan Rennison‘s mother-in-law. Mother to Sarah Rennison (Ryan’s wife).

They say that one should never mix work and family, however Linda’s motivation to see Ryan and Sarah excel in their business development is demonstrated in Linda’s reliable and consistent work commitments. 

Move Up’s Google reviews shine with praises of Linda’s great service and value added contribution.


When Linda is not saving South Africans from the British governments hurdles, she is a passionate Lawn Bowls player.

Linda comes from a competitive sports history, having played Tennis at a provincial level. Now she takes her competitiveness to play lawn bowls with her husband. 

When Linda is not playing bowls, her favourite past time is spoiling her four grandchildren.

Ryan Rennison

Founder and sole Director of Move Up.

Ryan’s passion for UK Visas and helping South Africans navigate the British governments hurdles resides here.

Move Up was created in 2010 to service fellow South Africans and ultimately to reduce risk in the UK travel process.

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Jason Trudigan

Move Up’s in house specialist, Jason alone has serviced the South African market for over 10 years.

Jason deals with Settlement, Point Based and British nationality claims. Jason is a great asset to the Move Up team.

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Melanie Langwood

The most recent team member, Melanie brings specialist solutions to Move Up’s corporate and leisure based clients.

Melanie youth brings speed to our improving systems. We are very excited to see what the future has install for Melanie.

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Sarah Rennison

The voice of reason behind Move Up (Ryan’s wife). Sarah also handles back-end book keeping services.

Sarah previously held Jason’s Settlement specialist position and provides adhoc administration support when demand dictates.

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