Monday, the 11th October 2021, South Africans can fly over to the UK without needing to worry about needing to quarantine in a hotel. So too can returning British nationals, that visit South Africa, no longer need to quarantine upon their return.

We will look back at this pandemic and hopefully think about the quick fix strategies that public officials had to implement. That they did the best job that they could do.

When it comes to the UK’s hotel quarantine, one can appreciate the concept as a means to protect the UK public. Behind the scenes, managing UK public opinion and their concerns of variants is also part of the procedure.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

From our perspective, the real hero’s in rectifying this blanket rule is Pretoria’s team of British representatives, the team at British High Commission.

Their updates have given South Africans insight into the background dealings and attempts to address solutions. Without this insight, we would have been left in the dark.

Seeing their updates has verified their commitment to maintaining a working relationship during this tough time.

At this stage, it looks like the visa decision-makers have a backlog of visitor visa submissions that they have to process. We are expecting long delays for the remainder of this month.

November, we should see that UK visa processing times regain reliability in terms of maintaining 3 week processing times from the submission date.

The UK visa process, in terms of visitor applications, has been disrupted. Making any predictions in terms of how and when visitor visas will be issued is anyone’s guess.

Fortunately, work permits and settlement visas are processed separately and their processing times should not be negatively impacted by the opening of visitor visa applications.

To address your UK visa options, please be encouraged to take a look at our Service Offerings page to find out more information.

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