How do South Africans find UK visa sponsors?

How South Africans can find UK visa sponsorship

To help fellow South Africans in finding sponsorship opportunities in the UK, Move Up has secured interest with selective UK employers.

Majority of South Africans without birth or marriage ties to the UK need to consider the UK’s Skilled Worker visa to consider work in the UK feasible.

The selected UK employers are registered Skilled Worker sponsors. Meaning that they are not only able to offer South Africans jobs in the UK but they are also able to offer visa sponsorship for those South Africans without birth or marriage ties to the UK.

To help South Africans under the types of roles that UK employers are seeking to fill, Move Up has created an active list of roles that employers are offering sponsorship for.

More details of the active roles can be found here:  

opportunities for south africans

To further help South Africans understand the opportunity that UK employers are offering, Move Up has elaborated on the benefits of the transaction.

More details can be found here on our opportunity for South Africans page.

Flood of CV’s

Move Up has received a number of CVs and queries from South Africans seeking sponsorship in less frequent opportunities.

These CVs are captured on Move Ups database. Making allowance for consideration should UK employers in those fields step forward.

Move Up will only notify South Africans that are being considered for positions. If applicants do not hear from Move Up after 2 weeks of submitting their CV, they need to realise that their application hasn’t been matched.

Move Up unfortunately does not have the time or capacity to notify all applicants on their individual standings. Only successful applicants are walked through the shortlisted rounds.

To help keep South Africans updated with the latest developments, Move Up has also created a newsletter where South Africans can be kept up to date with new roles and opportunities being given sponsorship.

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